Plant Production


A modern farm

Sano Agrar Institut is a modern farm.
We grow maize, wheat, grasses and sugar beets on 1800 ha. Plantations are cultivated using modern and efficient machines, facilitating perfect distribution of sowing material.

Harvesting grasses for super silages

At Sano Agrar Institut harvest of special ensiling grass varieties is completely mechanised. Grass is always mowed low and thoroughly. Grass is raked, dried and next loaded onto trailers using a self-propelled hay cutter. Following efficient transport grass is thoroughly packed by heavy machinery. To ensure proper performance of the process we additionally use a tedder and a Labacsil applicator.

Modern maize harvest

Similarly as in the case of grasses, maize harvest is also completely mechanised. In this way within several days we produce silage for 1200 dairy cows and for 1200 calves and heifers. We grow maize cultivars with different ripening rates.
Harvested maize has to be quickly transported to silos, then it needs to be well-packed and sealed tightly. The heaviest machines are used in the preparation of silage. Its appropriate packing is required for adequate fermentation.


Sano applicators of 120, 240 and 1000 l in capacity make it possible to produce quality silage from maintenance feed thanks to the application of Labacsil Acid and Labacsil Bakterie preparations. The applicators may be mounted on all types of balers, cutters and self-loading trailers. At Sano Agrar Institut we are convinced that the best results are provided by the application of Labacsil Acid and Labacsil Bakterie in the course of silage packing in the silo