Without state-of-the-art technology the farm could not be as productive.


  • Cultivation units
    All necessary operations after harvest and before the next sowing are performed using disc harrows and cultivation units.
  • Self-propelled sprayer
    The modern self-propelled sprayer with a working width of 36 m guarantees environmental safety of its operation. The sprayer is equipped with a GPS-controlled system automatically switching off individual sprayer beam sections. At the repeated passage of the sprayer over the same area a given beam section is automatically switched off.

Straw harvest

The straw baler is equipped with a moisture content sensor, thanks to which only dry straw is pressed and the best straw quality is ensured. Bales of straw are collected using an Arcusin automatic bale stacker, which guarantees rapid and efficient transport.

Liquid manure

Liquid manure is a valuable source of nutrients for crops. Its application facilitates a significant reduction of mineral fertiliser use.
This natural fertiliser is applied directly to soil using Horsch and Holmer specialised equipment.
The solid fraction obtained through fraction separation contains 40% dry matter. Dried manure is perfect as bedding for cows. Well-bedded, clean and dry pens for lying down are a pre-requisite of animal welfare.

Santrak self-propelled feed mixer wagon

One of the most valuable technological achievements of Sano Agrar Institut is the design of the Sano TMR Profi Santrak self-propelled feed mixer. The design of Sano TMR Profi vertical screw feed mixer  is focused on reaching maximum functionality.

Increased efficiency is achieved thanks to the use of a turbo-screw. It is equipped with an additional blade mounted at an angle of 180°, optimising the mixing process and ensuring uniform feed distribution.